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Rubber Products List Products”žRubber Elastic parts”žO-Rings ¤W¤č„~®ŲŗI¤ī³B
*Progum O-rings are manufactured from the broaddest available spectrum of high quality compounds and are approved to virtually every military and industrial specification. Available in nearly 4000 thousand O-ring molds of standard & non-standard and metric sizes, Progum offers the broadest possible selection of sizes and materials.
* All O-rings are made according to international standard.
American-AS568 series
British Inch -BS1806 series
French -"R" series
Japanese-JIS B2401-"P.G.S.V." series
European Metric Size
* Size range: from 0.5mm to 1200mm  
* Stock standard materials include fluorocarbon, NBR, EPDM and Silicone. Also, special formulated compounds are available for unique applications.
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* Dimension and tolerance of O-rings are referred to”GISO3601-1 / DIN3771-1
* Inspection Standard
Surface imperfections”GDIN3771 Level N & S  
Sampling Plan”GMIL-STD-105 AQL1.5