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Rubber Products List 上方外框截止處
  ProGum produces the following parts which
are usable for different applications...
小圖示 Rubber Elastic parts
小圖示 Rubber-to-Metal bonding parts
小圖示 Rubber-to-Plastic bonding parts
Technical Area 上方外框截止處
  The following is a review of the various elastomers available for using in sealing products. Typical trade names are listed. However, it is not intended as complete list of elastomer manufacturers.
小圖示 Rubber material
小圖示 General Characteristics
小圖示 Material Feature
小圖示 Usable application
Rubber Products List 上方外框截止處
Before the parts can be packaged, each order goes through Final Inspection to verify all critical attributes are in spec.
If you would like a more detailed look at each step in the process....
Rubber Products List 上方外框截止處
Progum Elastomer Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1968. In the beginning, we focused on the home market. We stated the investment on the China Factory in 1998, integrated manufacture into our system and worked on the development of rubber and other polymers......
Rubber Products List 上方外框截止處
ProGum is certified according to ISO9001. See all the Quality Control instrument......