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The following is a brief tour of our production process.

We begin by matching the material specifications with the most cost-effective material that we have on record that meets those specs. If we don't have a material on record that matches that particular set of specs, we look to our team of experienced chemists to develop a cost-effective rubber compound that will meet the required specs.

The fomula of material is then compounded and mixed. After the compound has been mixed, it is cutted into one sheet and molded from the tooling. Then, de-flash by manual.

Before the parts can be packaged, stored and shipped though, each order goes through Final Inspection where the statistical samples of the parts are checked to verify all critical attributes are in spec.

If you would like a more detailed look at each step in the process, click on the following step.

小圖示 Material Inspection
小圖示 Cutting Tool
小圖示 Compounding
小圖示 Cutting Material
小圖示 Molding
小圖示 IQC
小圖示 De-flash
小圖示 Grinding
小圖示 Post cure
小圖示 Final inspection
小圖示 Store
小圖示 Shipping