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Rubber Products List 上方外框截止處
  Progum Elastomer Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1968. In the beginning, we focused on the home market. We stated the investment on the China Factory in 1998, integrated manufacture into our system and worked on the development of rubber and other polymers. Since then, we have been very active to exploit the foreign and home market. Meanwhile, our products have been sold to all over the world gradually.

Our main products:
O-rings, Gaskets, Back-up rings, Custom-molded rubber parts, Oil seals, Valve stem seals, Diesel injection kits, ……, Teflon parts and other sealing products.

On the development of polymers, Progum formulate and compound ourselves, such as HNBR, Fluorocarbon/ Fluoro Silicone, Aflas, XNBR, self-lubed Silicone. On the other hand, Progum has strong ability for research and development and has its own lab. Material testing can be done to meet customers’ requirements according to ASTM/JIS/DIN standards. At present, we have succeeded in parts in high durometer ( such as FKM95+/-5 IRHD ) AND low durometer ( such as FKM40-50 SH-A, Silicone 5-10 SH-A ). Furthermore, post process as various external lubrication & grinding surface can be requested to meet customers’ demands.

Progum owns thousands of custom-molded molds and nearly 4000 thousand O-ring molds. Sizes are as below:
British BS1806 series
French series
Japanese JIS B2401 “P,G,S,V” series
AS568 series
European Metric sizes
& other non-standard sizes